2015 Georgina Hooper began her collaboration with Japanese fashion designer Masayo Yasuki, developing original watercolour textile designs for Yasuki’s iconic Australian label Dogstar. The resulting ‘Kingfisher’ and ‘Shadow Cloud’ textiles featured across a stunning range of apparel and accessories for Dogstar’s Laika Summer 2016 range.


Georgina Hooper. ‘Undaunted’ (2015) ink and watercolour on rice paper, 130 x 65cm.

Original Artworks

The original artworks were displayed in Brisbane, Australian in a major exhibition of Georgina’s 2015 work. A limited edition of high quality prints are available and can be requested here.

Georgina Hooper_Masayo Yasuki.JPG

New Collaborations

Hooper and Yasuki have continued to work together with a new collaboration due to be released in 2019.

Georgina Hooper _Dogstar.JPG

Collaboration Proposals

Design requests can be made to the artist here.